By Reservation Only!

Walk-in Dining Hours:
Friday 5 PM - 10 PM

Ready to celebrate your event?

If there's anything Russians know how to do, it's how to throw an unforgettable party. Here at The Fiddler, we would be honored to use that knowledge to help you celebrate your event!

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Corporate Event and more!

Welcome to Our Kitchen!

We specialize in home-cooked meals inspired by Russian, Turkish, and Mediterranean cultures - which boast some of the most tantalizing and rich recipes known to man. Through years of perfecting our own family recipes, we have created flawless flavor combinations in every one of our dishes (borscht, our signature lamb chops, our in-house ground chicken cutlets... what more do we need to say).

You have to try the

Lamb Chops
as they are the

best in town!


By Reservation Only!

Party Hours:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 5:30 PM - 12:00 AM

Authentic Russian Restaurant